A home for sustainable building alternatives

We research, develop and certify sustainable, innovative, robust, construction systems which dramatically lower embodied emissions, reduce construction waste and resource consumption, create low-tech, gender-neutral work opportunities and restore natural ecosystems in the process.

We achieve this by researching, developing and implementing the use of low-carbon building materials, bespoke material mix-designs and appropriate design practices through local and international collaborations within the private, academic and government sectors.

By bringing together like-minded people and organisations around the world, we aim to create and promote interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations that further these objectives within the engineering, architectural, sustainable design and construction sectors.


“Sustainability is a value word and like all value words – freedom, fairness, beauty, justice it is subjective, nearly impossible to define, but possible to sense (or to sense its absence), and vitally important.” - Donella Meadows

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