Next to water, concrete is the most consumed substance on earth. After coal, oil and gas, concrete is the fourth largest source of carbon emissions. The construction industry consumes 30 billion tons of concrete each year.

We research and develop sustainable, innovative, socially inclusive, affordable and robust construction systems that dramatically lower carbon emissions, reduce waste, increase efficiency, create low-skilled work opportunities and restore natural ecosystems.
“Sustainability is a value word and like all value words – freedom, fairness, beauty, justice it is subjective, nearly impossible to define, but possible to sense (or to sense its absence), and vitally important.” - Donella Meadows


Restorative by design

South Africa – 2021

Carbon-Neutral Social Housing

Cape Town, South Africa – 2020

The “Tree House” Eco-Lodge – a low-carbon demonstrator model

Kruger National Park, South Africa – 2020

Hand Woven Formwork

Malawi, Venice, South Africa – 2021

Lightweight Funicular Floor

Cape Town, Venice, Zurich – 2020

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